We developed this survey with feedback from renters’ advocates. It included qualitative and quantitative questions covering a range of topics: type of renting situation; impressions of quality; impressions of security; confidence in standing up for their rights; and demographic information. Renters could also share their stories about renting, with the option to remain anonymous.

In June and July 2017 we publicised the submission tool via email, social media, tenancy networks, students associations and in media stories.

In August we analysed the stories. One researcher analysed the quantitative questions; three others coded and analysed the stories, identifying the key themes that emerged. This qualitative data aligned strongly with the quantitative results, while adding a nuance and depth of insight that we wouldn’t have gained from solely asking quantitative questions.

In addition, a literature review was conducted of relevant recent studies. This provided the background and context to this review and the recommendations.

This report was collaboratively written by Rick Zwaan (ActionStation), Kate Day (Renters United) and Abby Burns (volunteer). Paul Barber and other policy researchers generously provided feedback on the draft report.

The report was designed by Renee Pearson and all photographs in it are taken by her.