Stories create empathy and empathy drives change. 


The People's Review of Renting is a powerful project aimed at improving the lives of renters in Aotearoa New Zealand. By sharing the stories of hundreds of people's experience of renting we're putting people who rent on the election agenda. 

We should all be able to live in a warm dry home. Housing is a human right. Yet almost half of the people living in New Zealand rent. Many in substandard houses which make them sick and laws that make it hard for people to make the place they live in feel like home. 

Successive governments have taken a hands off approach to housing and too many politicians, many with vast property portfolios, have ignored the rights of people renting. 

To change that ActionStation and Renters United teamed up to allow the voices of those renting to be amplified. Over June and July 2017 we put an open call out for anyone to share their experience of renting. 

This website, and the associated People's Review of Renting Report, are the results of that project. 


Our hope is that the hundreds of people who shared their experiences, and the millions more who rent, will see their concerns taken seriously and our recommendations to improve the lives of those renting in Aotearoa New Zealand will be implemented.  


Take Action

By signing our open letter you add your weight to the call for the recommendations to be implemented